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Some Help needed

Post by Rotnsoul on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:38 am

I need some help. At one time I had played this game as Russia, and somehow within only a few months of in-game play I was at 100% popularity and was able to pretty much take over a huge amount of Western Europe.

Now that was a bug I found out and not I have the path that fixes the 100% bug.

However I was playing as North Korea and I was able to get my popularity up around 71 at one point, I went to war with South K. and won in 8 days. The UN wasn't happy but the only two countries that have done anything were the US (of course) and Japan. Japan just got upset and did nothing the US decided to send a few plains over to bomb me (none made it). Then I went on the assault and took over Alaska and Hawaii. The US quickly offered peace and I got to keep the land I took.

Now as soon as I agreed to the Peace treaty my pop. went down from 68 to a 43? I don't understand how ending a war makes my people dislike me?

HOWEVER, On my way back from the US I decided to stop by and take over Tokyo, that took 31 in-game days. They gave up before the UN could get involved. As soon as I attacked Japan my pop went up to 78 and as soon as it was over it hung right around 53?

It seems like my people are war mongers. I don't understand. Of course by now...and this is the part that gets me. I was able to give them tax breaks, raise their monthly salary. Unemployment was at 3.2% and the Inflation was right at around 2.65. I though I was surely on my way to advancing deep into the game. I was done with War for a while (or so I thought) and ready to just build and advance my own nation. (Taking Japan really helped me with money they are a very flourishing nation it seems). However withing 3 months of ending the way I started to go down, It dropped rapidly and I can't figure out what do to???

OH yeah and another thing, so my Agent #1 was in the US and found information about them making Nuclear weapons...I brought it to the UN (Which I have been kicked out of by the way) and the US Vetoed their ruling to act....WTH!!!!!


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